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Kitchen & Dining Room

Saturna Seaside has a spacious kitchen and dining room with a very open floor plan that integrates the fantastic views of nature with the pleasures of cooking and eating for all your guests. The kitchen is supplied with everything you need to prepare meals for everyone in the house. Details and photos are shown below.


The kitchen has a beautiful view of the water so you can enjoy the surroundings even when you are inside preparing meals. The bar stools along the counter are especially useful for informal breakfasts and lunches. Fabulous foods and views go so well together.

Kitchen View


The kitchen has a large refrigerator, gas cook top, electric oven, microwave, dishwasher, coffee grinder, blender, toaster and ample cupboard and counter space. Next to the kitchen is the sunny entryway area with a desk, chairs and table not to mention fantastic views!

Full Kitchen

Dining Room

The dining table seats 8 people and is conveniently situated next to the kitchen. The bar counter also seats 4.

Dining Room Table


The dining room, like the kitchen, has a beautiful view of Winter Cove.

Dining Room View